The Best High Fiber Dog Food Brands

high fiber dog food options

When looking for the best high fiber dog food brands, you can turn to foods that are either grain free or labeled to help a dog lose weight. Both of these types of dog foods tend to be higher in fiber than traditional dog foods.

Personally, I think grain free dog food is the best way to go for reasons described in this article.

There are a several reasons why a dog may need to be on a high fiber dog food, the most common being obesity and anal gland problems. Diabetes in dogs is another reason, but when determining what foods are best for your diabetic dog, the process needs to be under the supervision of your vet. Finally, if your dog has either constipation or problems with diarrhea, then a higher fiber dog food can usually help.

If your dog is overweight, feeding a high fiber diet will help by making them feel fuller on less calories. In this way, you can help your dog lose weight without making them feel starved. But your dog needs more than just a reduced diet. They also need more exercise. And this is where a grain free dog food beats out a reduced calorie dog food. When placed on a diet designed for a dog (i.e. grain-free), almost all dog owners sing the praises of how much more energy their dogs have. Dogs that did not like to go outside and run around, start acting like puppies again. And this is the best way to for your dog to lose weight.

Anal gland problems are another common reason to increase the fiber content in your dog food. Scooting is a very tell-tale symptom. But so is constant biting at the rear. If you see your dog biting at his bottom, give a good check for fleas, as that is where fleas love to hide also. If you don’t see any, and the biting goes on for a while, then clogged anal glands may be your problem. You can either try increasing the fiber content, or you can take your dog to your vet for a quick check of the glands to tell you whether it is the problem or not.

Fiber for dogs help build and bulk up the stool. This in turn helps push the anal glands to release their liquid. It is the pressure of the anal glands building up without any release that causes all discomfort for your dog.

Guaranteed analysis label for dog foodAll dog foods are required by law to label this type of information. Look at the nutritional analysis that is on every bag of dog food, labeled Guaranteed Analysis. It will state the fiber content, along with the protein, fat, and moisture. Regular dry dog foods contain between 2% to 4% fiber, while a dry dog food that is considered high fiber will contain between 6% to 10%.

The best high fiber dog food brands are the ones that, ironically, are grain free. Most people equate fiber with grain, but the fact is that when grains are used in typical dog foods, they are the by-products and contain very little fiber. And rice, which is used very heavily in lower quality dog foods, actually has very little fiber to begin with.

Grain free dog food manufacturers are making a special effort to not include grains, but know that dogs still need a good source of carbs. They tend to use potatoes, sweet potatoes, and peas, which have a rather high fiber content. Corn also has a rather high fiber content, but is a very common allergen among dogs, so is not included in many grain free dog foods.

Also, because grain free dog food is a premium dog food, the quality of the ingredients are typically better than those of a reduced calorie dog food.

These dog foods are aimed at helping a dog lose weight. And, as stated above, one of the best ways to do that is to increase fiber so the dog doesn’t always feel hungry. Therefore, these foods are good for a high fiber diet. However, they also tend to be VERY carb heavy, which can be can cause other problems in dogs, such as allergies.

Look at the dog food ingredients label and check the first 5 ingredients. How carb heavy are they compared to actual meat? In one reduced calorie dog food I found, the meat was not listed until the 7th ingredient!

Compare that to a Grain-Free dog food!

Don’t let the fact that you are looking for a high fiber dog food circumvent your dog’s need for an overall quality food. A food that doesn’t list meat until the 7th ingredient is not what I would consider a good dog food – actually I would consider that a VERY low quality dog food!

Simply put, these dog food brands are some of the best high fiber dog food brands. The first two are high fiber and grain free; the last one has the highest fiber content:

The Honest Kitchen Embark Grain Free High Fiber Dog Food
The Honest Kitchen: Embark: with 9.5% fiber and 29% protein content, this is an ideal choice for a high fiber dog food. The Honest Kitchen is a raw, dehydrated dog food that uses human grade ingredients.

Wellness CORE Grain Free Reduced Fat Dog Food
Wellness CORE: Reduced Fat Recipe – 8.5% fiber and 33% protein. The first 3 ingredients are meat, while the carbs and fiber are made up of peas and potatoes. With a relatively low fat content (10-12%), this is a fantastic high fiber, low fat food for your dog.

Royal Canin High Fiber Calorie Control Dog Food
Royal Canin: Veterinary Diet® Calorie Control CC® High Fiber – with a whopping 18.3% fiber and 27.5% protein, this is probably the highest fiber content dog food around. Meat is the number one ingredient, but there is also a lot of corn and wheat in the first 10 ingredients – something to think about if your dog has any sensitivities to these common allergy causing ingredients.


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