Why Feed A Limited Ingredient Dog Food?

limited ingredient dog food

Fewer ingredients help reduce allergic reactions

Why would you want to feed a limited ingredient dog food? Are there any advantages to it? Well, besides being great to feed if your dog has dog food allergies, it also helps create a healthier dog.

Typically, a hypoallergenic dog food is also considered a limited ingredient dog food. However, the best hypoallergenic dog food is more than just limited. It is also one that contains ingredients that are considered hypoallergenic, that is, they have a low occurrence of producing allergy symptoms. Many of them also contain novel ingredients that most dogs have never eaten before.

The great thing about limited ingredients means there is no room for fillers. Fillers, basically, have very low nutrient value and serve only to ‘fill up’ your dog’s tummy. Many holistic practitioners believe these fillers help contribute to many of our dog’s health problems, including allergies, since they are taking the place of more nutrient-packed foods.

But, even if your dog does not have dog food allergies, these types of dog food are still great because they are considered a super-premium dog food. This means better, higher quality ingredients that will help to improve your dog’s health.

When you look at the dog food ingredients label on a limited ingredient food, there should only be around 5 to 7 or 8 actual food ingredients. The rest of the list should be assorted vitamins and minerals to provide a complete, balanced dog food as defined by the A.A.F.C.O dog food nutrient profile.

Different Limited Ingredient Dog Food Brands

Below shows a few different brands of limited ingredient dog foods.

Natural Balance Dog Food

Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Dog FoodNatural Balance dog food has a whole line of dog foods that are labeled L.I.D (Limited Ingredient Diet). They have several different protein/carb meals available, like lamb and brown rice; bison and sweet potato; chicken and sweet potato; duck and potato; and even vegetarian. They also have limited ingredient treats, L.I.T., to help keep your dog’s exposure to different ingredients to a minimum.

Wellness Dog Food

Wellness Simple AllergyWellness dog food also has a line called Wellness Simple Food Solutions. They consist of one protein and one carb, with a total of 5 main ingredients. They offer duck and rice; lamb and rice; and salmon and rice.

California Natural Dog Food

California Natural dog foodAnother lesser known brand is California Natural, from the makers of one of the most respected organic dog foods, Karma Organic. This line of dog food is all about limited ingredient They provide dog foods with chicken and rice; lamb and rice; and herring and sweet potato. They also provide limited ingredient grain-free dog foods, which is something many dog owners are looking for to help with dog allergies.

Raw Addiction

Addiction Raw dog foodRaw Addiction is not labeled as limited ingredients, however they can easily be put in this class, as most (not all) hypoallergenic dog food can. The great thing about Raw Addiction is that it processes the dog food using dehydration methods. This is a much gentler process that retains a large amount of nutrients, especially essential fatty acids (which get destroyed with high heat processing).