Dog Treats

Dog treats are a great way to bond with your dog. You know your dog loves having that little extra ‘treat’ from you, and it makes you feel good knowing that you’re making your dog feel good!

But, just like with dog food, not all dog treats are really all that good for your baby. As a matter of fact, many of them are no different from junk food.

Not only do you need to know what is in the dog treats, you also need to know where they are produced. There have been many problems reported from chicken tenders or chicken jerky treats manufactured in Asia. The problem is, the manufacturing laws are just not as forceful for animal products than they are in the US.

Take a look below at some of the better dog treats you can safely and lovingly give your dog.

But remember, if you are giving dog treats on a daily basis, you need to reduce the calories you are feeding your dog (unless they are very active dogs).


Sojos Dog Treats

Sojos only produces quality, healthy food for your dog, whether that is one of their premium, dehydrated dog foods, or one of their baked snacks.

Bully Sticks

Dogs love to chew – they need to chew – it’s just what dogs do. So why not let them chew on something healthy?

Dog Treat Companies

several dog treat companies have risen to the top of the pack when it comes to manufacturing healthy, high quality treats.

Organic Dog Treats

Not many people realize the kind of ingredients used in common dog treats. Find out why you should go organic.