Dog Eating Poop Remedy

dog eating poop remedy

Don’t be mad at me just because I eat poop….

If you are having a problem with your dog eating poop, then you probably just want some way to fix it. You can refer to my posts on Why Do Dogs Eat Their Own Poop, Why Do Dogs Eat Cat Poop, or the general Why Do Dogs Eat Poop to see some of the reasons behind why your dog performs this (rather unpleasant to humans) act.

There are several remedies to keep dogs from eating poop. But before you start any, you really should take your dog to the vet to rule out parasites as the reason behind this behavior. If your dog is eating feces because of a parasite, then virtually nothing you will do will make your stop dogs eating poop. The parasite needs to be removed. The good news is, this may be all you need to remedy this situation.

However, if you have had your dog checked out, and they are fine, then other measures can be taken. But you must first realize that none of the remedies will work overnight. They are all things that can take weeks to overcome.


Training, using positive reinforcement, is a good way to handle this problem. Essentially, you want to find something that takes your dog’s attention away from the feces, and positively reward them when they respond correctly. If your dog has been eating poop for a long time though, this may be a tough habit to break.

Stool Deterrent Supplement

If your dog is eating their own poop or another pet in your household, then you can add a specific supplement, like Only Natural Pet Stool Eating Deterrent, to their food which makes the feces taste bad (hard to believe – but seriously) and keeps your dog from eating the poop. This particular product also contains digestive enzymes to help your dog break down their food for nutrient absorption (a top reason for why your dog eats poop). If your dog is eating poop from animals which you do not feed, then this will have no effect – this product makes the feces of the dog(s) eating the supplement unappealing to keep your dog from eating it.

Switch Dog Foods

Another thing you can try is switching to an organic, holistic, or hypoallergenic dog food. These dog foods are nutritionally superior to other foods, and your dog will be getting more nutrients from their food. If your dog is getting all the proper nutrients from their food, they may no longer seek nutrition from other places.

Digestive Enzymes

Adding in special digestive enzymes for dogs is another way for them to get as much from their food as possible. Many times dogs just don’t have the digestive enzymes needed to completely break down their food for absorption. Adding digestive enzymes helps break down the food more so they get more nutrients.