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This website was created to help you find natural ways to help your dog(s) live a healthier and happier life. There are many things to consider about what you give your dog that has a direct impact on their health.

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I started investigating the effects of dog food after we adopted a one year old mastiff with severe skin/coat problems. Not wanting to go with the “traditional medical” route, I dove into the nutrition that my dogs were getting.

We had adopted a Catahoula Leopard puppy about two years before the mastiff, and he also came to us itching. I added a coat supplement to his food and within two months, my dog’s itchy skin was gone.

This got me to thinking about the mastiff. Problem was, and still is, money — mastiffs eat A LOT, and the heartworm/flea/tick meds are unbelievable. Suddenly, my dog budget more than tripled. The cost of adding supplements on top of that was just impossible.

Whenever I get to feeling like this, I stop, and think about nature and how God provided us with everything we need. If humans ate only natural, organic foods (I’m trying to get there…) there would be so fewer medical problems. And the same is true with our pets.

And nature did indeed fix my mastiff’s problems – but more than just the itching. By feeding more natural, healthy dog food, other things also started improving: her stool size and smell, her gas (she could clear a room in 5 seconds), and a large cyst on her front right elbow has completely disappeared (wish I had taken before and after pictures of that, but I never thought that just food would fix that problem).

I feed a combination of commercial dog food and homemade dog food – honestly, it is just easier this way for me. But I scrutinize the dog food ingredient labels and am always amazed with what I find in some of the so-called “premium” dog foods. Just remember — price doesn’t always equate with quality. You have to really look at what you are buying.